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Let's get straight into business.  Most marketing is just noise for customers. Have you ever wondered why most marketing spend results in almost no conversion?

Simple. Just two reasons:

1) You are not speaking to the right audience 2) Your message does not resonate.

Statistics show that 80% of businesses with the right product and right price point fail within the first three years of going live because of the above two reasons. 

Identifying the right audience for your products and services is relatively straightforward if you apply human psychology to the process. There are buyers of the now, buyers of the near future, and buyers who behave as non-buyers. The buyers of the now, very precisely know what they want, and they have an urgency to buy what you sell. You do not need much selling here. Just good relationship skills, going beyond the value of the deal and genuinely helping them have a seamless experience will do. They have both budget and need.

Buyers of the near future are undecided and on the wall - they know they need what you offer, but they are just waiting. For the right moment, right seller, right price - whatever. Your job is to move them from indecisive to a decision-maker. They have the budget but not the immediate need. This situation requires innovative selling techniques.

The third type of buyer does not know the need or that solution to their condition exists. They are the most ignorant of the lot but could be an invaluable customer base. Our job is to let them know that they have a need and then have them buy your product or service for that need. This scenario takes the most extended selling cycle.

How do we get all three customers to our fold? There are multiple strategies, but overall, we call this the act of creating a proper funnel for our business.




























You create a funnel by establishing yourself as an authority to solve this specific problem. Webinars, podcasts, Influencer references, social media followers, blogs, subscription lists, website, e-books, books, testimonials, celebrity shows, investors - these are all media opportunities to help you establish your authority in this space over and over again.

The second aspect of messaging comes in after a funnel is established. A funnel brings customers to your chosen platforms, your show. This customer has a significantly less attention span. How do you captivate them in the short 1 minute that they give you?

Here is where thinking like a customer helps. If you were the buyer, what questions, concerns would be going through in your mind? What exact lingo do you use? What are those 2-3 words that will hook you to a seller?

Enter the EVT framework.

When working with customers, we have discovered that selling products & features do not work anymore. Customers like to read about products offline. The old style of selling is gone.

What customers resonate with is story-telling marketing.  With the explosion in videos and the increasing use of handhelds, marketing has migrated into visual stories in which the product is just a character. Your brand is the hero, the product is the solution, the problem is the villain, and you are the coach. That's how we do marketing.

With this in context is why we built the EVT-3 framework.

EVT stands for Emotion, Value, and Transformation. In no more than three simple words and in less than 3 minutes, we enable our customers to tell stories that stoke an emotion, articulate the value, and provide transformational benefits.  


An example EVT matrix for various products looks like this:














Why does EVT work?

Stories are expected to raise emotions, even when selling a complex scientific product.  When you make, the proper emotional connection is when customers listen. And when listening, they need to hear the value the product provides to them. And when these two are in place, it is possible to have their buy-in to transform their life, thinking - whatever it may be.

Once you establish this, we help our customers build a brand kit, product marketing, social media marketing, content creation, including blogs, webinars, podcasts, vlogs to drive leads and traffic to the business.

We focus on products for women because the EVT works best for women. Women by nature are emotionally driven, sensual, and make buying decisions in most circumstances. Hence, we communicate with the lady.

The EVT is a well-proven method to transform bystanders into buyers and buyers into champions. The EVT is what successful businesses and marketers use to differentiate and succeed in their business. Talk to us.


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